ROTOCELL refines modern plaster systems
ROTOCELL® refines modern plaster systems

Lightweight, ecological, permanent nice

Mauerwerk Wärmedämmung; WDVS
ROTEC® enhances thermal insulating masonry

High thermal insulating masonry without EIFS!



SLIP-EX® is an environmentally friendly natural grit without salt, that combines excellent product properties with economic aspects.

Immediately effective SLIP-EX® grips the ice immediately after application. Lightweight 260-310 g/liter it is easy for anyone to apply with minimal effort.

Economical In snowy and icy conditions a 25 liter bag of SLIP-EX® cover up to 900 m2 (approximately 9,700 square feet) of snow cleared area. It is very effective and uses much less product to cover than competitive slip control gritting agents.

Non-Hazardous Does not hurt or endanger animal life, plants or the environment in any way.

Gentle on floor surfaces SLIP-EX® will not scratch flooring surfaces (including terrazzo or marble) when tracked in from outdoors. As well it will not cause rusting to vehicles caused by salt products.

Environmentally friendly SLIP-EX® enhances plant life by storing and releasing water in soils. Also improves soil by making them open and breathable (in particular heavy clay soils) Because of these properties RUTSCH-EX® was awarded the Eco-label “THE BLUE ANGEL“ (by: RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labeling, a registered association).