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HYBILAT® is a safety and ecological oil and chemical binder with DEKRA Test Certification.

If contamination or accidents occur involving petroleum, petroleum products and chemicals, the use of tested binders is a safe and reliable way für damage control. The protection of people and the environment is the key point; therefore the requirements for binders are very high and established by experts from the Environment Agencies and the industry at large.

HYBILAT® is chemically neutral and non-toxic and has a 80% pore volume thereby achieving the optimum bulk density (about 260–320 g/l), a strong absorption strength and high holding capacity with almost all liquids.

HYBILAT® is sprinkled with a layer thickness of about 3 mm and swept away after the absorption. Before applying the compatibility of the binder with the absorbed liquid is examined. The disposal of pollutant mixture should be in accordance with applicable regulations. Oil-contaminated soils must be soften with solvents and then sprinkle with HYBILAT®. Without absorbed liquid HYBILAT® is not flammable.

HYBILAT-A® conforms to the requirements of Type III R oil binders in compliance with LTwS No. 27. HYBILAT-A® is the first oil and chemical binder with the DEKRA Test Certificate. From an industrial hygiene point of view HYBILAT® is safe, that is confirmed trough tests of the universal binder by the Hygiene Institute of the Ruhr, Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

HYBILAT–A · General-purpose binder Typ III R for oil and chemicals

HYBILAT-A® is quickly and safely usable with all known and tested liquids in traffic areas as well as industrial and warehouse floors. The liquids are safely bound by Hybilat-A® without gas development or temperature increase. 
Its low weight is especially of advantage in the case of manual operation and large area application.

HYBILAT-A® is binder

  • for hydrochloric acid, concentrated nitric and sulfuric acid, pure acetic acid 
  • for basic (alkaline) substances (leaches); Sodium hydroxide (33%), triethanolamine, chlorine bleaching (10%) 
  • for flammable, combustible liquids, heptane, THF, toluene, ethanol (96%) 
  • for non-water soluble organic liquids, palm oil, bio-diesel, ethyl acetate 
  • for water-miscible organic liquids; pentanol, DMSO, triethanolamine 
  • for oxidative substances, hydrogen peroxide (30%), conc. Perchloric acid, chlorine bleaching (10%) 
  • for aqueous polar liquids, ethylene glycol, magnesium chloride (33%), methyl cellulose (0.5%) 
HYBILAT-N · All purpose binder type III R for different liquids
  • HYBILAT-N® is the universal binder for the absorption of water, oils, drilling emulsions, paints and acids.
  • HYBILAT-N® meets the requirements of oil binders according to the data sheet LTwS No. 27 and therefore ideally suited as an oil absorbent on Type III R traffic areas.
  • With 100 kg HYBILAT-N® a floor space of 1200 m2 can largely be covered dust-free.
  • The 22-kg container is enough for about 260 m2, with a layer thickness of 3 mm. 
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