Hydrophober Zuschlag mit waterproof technology from Evonik
Waterproof technology from ROTEC®

The high-tech hydrophobic aggregate ROTOCELL PLUS®

DIN ISO 9001 certified
Certified ISO 9001

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Since the 1990s ROTEC® is a leading manufacturer of environmentally-friendly lightweight aggregates with an annual production exceeding 180,000 tons.

Since the 1960s, natural pumice has been mined in the Eifel region by the former Klöckner GmbH from Duisburg and used primarily as an aggregate in regional building materials production.

With the takeover by ROTEC® in the 1990s, the refinement of the ecological raw material was developed into innovative lightweight aggregates for a wide range of applications. Modern cleaning plants with ecological water treatment, high-tech in the areas of crushing and screening as well as energy-efficient drying plants make ROTEC® natural pumice today the sustainable lightweight aggregate with an almost unique energy balance.

ROTEC® is one of the leading European manufacturers of ecological lightweight aggregates with an annual production of over 180,000 tons. ROTEC® supports its customers in product development to consistently expand the range of products and applications "powered by ROTEC®".

Dr. Carl Riffer has been the sole shareholder since 01.01.2019 and carries on the successful development of ROTEC® in an innovative and future-oriented way.


Dr. Carl Riffer Baustoffwerke