Hydrophober Zuschlag mit waterproof technology from Evonik
Waterproof technology from ROTEC®

The high-tech hydrophobic aggregate ROTOCELL PLUS®

DIN ISO 9001 certified
Certified ISO 9001

Assurance and transparency



ROTOCELL® the ecological lightweight aggregate optimizes product characteristics of modern plaster systems. ROTOCELL® improves the thermal insulation and processing properties including the yield and the weight.

User-innovation »ecological plaster system«

Our customer Bisotherm  optimizes the ecological, energetic and healthy living benefits of BISOGREEN® masonry at the highest level with the new BISOGREEN®-lime plaster system for both interior and exterior applications.

Due to the coordinated BISOGREEN®-lime plaster system for indoors and outdoors, a vapor permeable, breathable wall construction becomes possible. The lime-bound  BISOGREEN® interior plaster has a high pore volume and an all-in-all open pore structure. Thus, a relatively high amount of air moisture can be absorbed and slowly released, if necessary. Hence, a well balanced room climate can be accomplished that has a positive effect on your well-being. The high pH-value of the plaster, that is maintained over the years, makes the settlement of mold and other microorganisms more difficult. The BISOGREEN® exterior plaster, which is also  lime-bound, is perfectly coordinated with thermal insulating BISOGREEN® masonry, and ensures a lasting protection against weather.

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