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ROTOCELL® is on the market as "HYBILAT-N® and HYBILAT-A®" as well as other ”Private Labels”. The pure highly porous natural granulate as an oil and chemical binder meets the requirements according to the DEKRA-Testing Certificate.

As a so-called general-purpose binder Hybilat is quickly and safe to use with all known and tested liquids. Hydrochloric acid, water peroxide, conc. perchloric acid, oil and many other liquids-who without the development of gas or temperature rise are securely bonded.

HYBILAT–A · General-purpose binder Typ III R for oil and chemicals

HYBILAT-A® is quickly and safely usable with all known and tested liquids in traffic areas as well as industrial and warehouse floors. The liquids are safely bound by Hybilat-A® without gas development or temperature increase. 
Its low weight is especially of advantage in the case of manual operation and large area application.

HYBILAT-A® is binder

  • for hydrochloric acid, concentrated nitric and sulfuric acid, pure acetic acid 
  • for basic (alkaline) substances (leaches); Sodium hydroxide (33%), triethanolamine, chlorine bleaching (10%) 
  • for flammable, combustible liquids, heptane, THF, toluene, ethanol (96%) 
  • for non-water soluble organic liquids, palm oil, bio-diesel, ethyl acetate 
  • for water-miscible organic liquids; pentanol, DMSO, triethanolamine 
  • for oxidative substances, hydrogen peroxide (30%), conc. Perchloric acid, chlorine bleaching (10%) 
  • for aqueous polar liquids, ethylene glycol, magnesium chloride (33%), methyl cellulose (0.5%) 
HYBILAT-N · All purpose binder type III R for different liquids
  • HYBILAT-N® is the universal binder for the absorption of water, oils, drilling emulsions, paints and acids.
  • HYBILAT-N® meets the requirements of oil binders according to the data sheet LTwS No. 27 and therefore ideally suited as an oil absorbent on Type III R traffic areas.
  • With 100 kg HYBILAT-N® a floor space of 1200 m2 can largely be covered dust-free.
  • The 22-kg container is enough for about 260 m2, with a layer thickness of 3 mm.